Safety and Health

At Rocket Express, we consistently strive for excellence in Customer Service and the Safety of out employees, as well as those around us.

Daily we add to our foundation of our commitment to Safety. We strive to have no incidents or damages, and want all our employees to continue to go home to their families’ safe.

Rocket Express knows that the greatest threat to Safety is complacency, As part of our foundation for Safety, we will continue to emphasize this, and continually make employee’s aware of the hazards this can create.

We will view and encourage Safety with a common sense approach; recognize and support everyone’s basic Safety instincts. Ongoing information and positive behaviors will be encouraged to heighten our common sense awareness.

All Rocket Express employees play a valuable role in our continued reputation of fast, efficient service, done as safely as possible. All resources required by employees to continue to work safely will be provided to them, including Management Support for our ongoing Safety goals.

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